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Dear, The New Black.


NEVER let any amount of money or fame allow you to forget that you’re black first and foremost, nothing comes before that because GOD said so, and created you that way. I AM NOT AMERICAN, I’M A DISPLACED BLACK AFRICAN living in America and I want no part of the crimes against humanity that was committed and implemented to steal and confiscate this country from it’s Native people of color.   

(via theelectricrelaxation)


"So what does Michael Brown,John Loxas,Manuel Longoria, Jerry Waller,Yvette Smith, Brian Claunch, Larry Jackson, Michael Allen, Andrew Scott, Marlon Brown, Mary Swanson, Arthur Dixon, Davinian Williams,Andrea Rebello,Reynaldo Cuevas,Kenneth Chamberlain, Noel Polanco, Rama ray Graham, Eugene mallory, John Winkler,Kenneth Mcdade, Anthony Banta, Bartholomew Williams, Hans Arellano,Michael Nida,Ernesto Duenez, Jason Bitz, Manuel Diaz, Paul Heenan,Dontre Hamilton, Tyrone West, Dane Scott,Samantha Ramsey, Melissa Williams, Timothy Russell, Justin Griffin, Chavis Carter, Daryl Parker,John Wrana, Jamaal Moore, Jordan Hatcher,Robert Kresky,Gil Collar,Lamar Robberson and Ervin Jefferson have in common?
They Were all unarmed and shot to death. Men, Women, teens, adults, elderly and handicapped, black, white, hispanic and italian. All unarmed and all shot to death by police. We have 6,850 more names since 2004. That is the reason we need to stand up for each other in a peaceful and assertive manner."

- An impeccable Mind from Generation Y.